The 1st Paw Summit is a Meeting of the Leaders of the Great Empires held at the Trussian Senate Building.



Senate Building of the Trussian Imperial Capitol.

Under the new allaince and defense pact both Trussia and the Cazathan Empire will meet with their delegations within the Trussia Senate Building.  From this will form the alliance and delegate new rules and orders for ongoing stability. As well as the Cazathan Empire will be given a Embassy on 435 Embassy Avenue, so their delegates and officials can stay in comfort. In addition so they may establish a political base for further discussion.
Trussian Interior Ministry

Political Leaders the will be present to the Summit.Edit


  • Trussian Emperor Takota James
  • Emperors War Advisors
  • Supreme Trussian Military Commander
  • War Ministers
  • Viceroy of the Trussian Executive Ministry
  • Surpreme Admiral Augustus Coran of the Trussian Navy
  • Security Staff
  • T.S.B Agents
  • Romulus Claw-T.S.F Officer, head of Security
  • Trussian Diplomats & Ambasadors
  • Senators
  • Minister of Defense
  • Minister of Wealth and Economics
  • Minister of Propaganda
  • Minister of the Interior

Cazathan Edit

  • Cazathan King Andres
  • Advisor Vicente Laurel
  • Interior Secretary Jesse Lorenza
  • Agriculture Secretary
  • Education Secretary
  • Defense Secretary
  • Military Commander

Adventure Bay Edit

  • Mayor Goodway
  • Paw Patrol

Barkingburg Edit

  • Earl of Barkingburg
  • Sweetie

Philippines Empire Edit

  • El Presidente Emilio Aguinaldo
  • Defense Secretary
  • Economic Secretary

Tri-on Federation Edit

Federation Counsel Edit

  • Jarkan-Captain within the Tri-on Federation Defense Fleet
  • T.R.I.A.D (Tri-on Unified Armed Forces and Defense Fleet) Commander in Chief and Command Staff.
  • Security Staff

Croshan Confederation Edit

  • Croshan Queen
  • Croshanion Supreme Chancellor
  • Colonial delegation Counsel.

Security DetailEdit

Becasue of the importance of these proceedings, the 1st Paw Summit will have extremly tight security. In additon the highly trained security personal to combat any threat to the summit and is attendees.

The head of Security will be Romulus Claw Grand Tri-p'le within the Trussian Security force. He will be head under the protection of each political faction as well as their well being. Following this the primary protection force will be the Citedal Gaurd, as their highly elite commandos as it is the primary purpose to protect the Trussian Imperial Government and its members. Intelligence will be covered by the Trussia Security Bureau in the case to help prevent agaisnt spies and assaination attempts.

Ending Edit

After the Summit the Five Leader managed to sign 3 treaties

  • Open Borders
  • Cazathan-Trussian Pact- Economic, Military and Defensive Pact
  • Five Nation Defensive Pact

Adoptation Edit

A story Adaptation about the said Event is involved in the Paw Patrol Fanon Universe

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