Andres is the Current King of the Cazathan Empire

About Edit

Lore Edit

A new king of the Cazathan Empire. a strong revolutionary and a brave commander of the Allied Forces.

Appearance Edit

In Pup Form Edit

For References see Andres' page on the PAW PATROL FANON WIKIA.

Human Form Edit

He is a short young man at the age of 21. He wears a white long-sleeved shirt with a red neckerchief emblazoned with a white 8 ray sun. He wears a Blue Sash with a soviet, yuri and the Imperial Medals. and A Katipunero hat bearing the Allied Emblem.

Positions Edit

  • Cazathan Empire Ruler
  • Paw Patrol Member
  • Paw Katipunan Supremo
  • Allied Soldier
  • Ally of the Trussian Armed Forces

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