Cazatha is a place situated East of the Trussian Seas and North of the Philippine Isles, South of Adventure Bay and West to Mergrandez Ocean

About Edit


The Topographic Features of Cazatha is Mountainous, Plains and Valleys. It is surrounded by 4 seas around with 2 lakes. 5 Cities are ruled by Dukes and the Cazathan Capital named Cazatha is the Center of the Commercial, Political and Royal Powers.

Economy Edit

The Currency used in Cazatha is Philippine Peso but it has a slight difference. It bears the Cazathan Emblem along with a Red Sun. its Economy is still rising due to Investors, Natural Resources. Tourism and its people cooperating with each other.

Government Edit

The Seat of Government lies in the Cazathan Empire. where the King is a ruler. the Ruling style of the Place is Hereditary Monarchy.

City states Edit

The Kingdom of Cazatha is divided into 5 City States which serves as the seat of 5 provinces of Cazatha

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