Cazathan Armed Forces is a Major Military faction of the Kingdom of Cazatha and a strong Ally to Trussian Military

About Edit

Lore Edit

After Andres ascends the Throne. Procopio, Pedro and Kenji gives Andres a technology from the Red Alert Universe as a gift. Ryder asked What are the Gifts. Andres said that these are the Soldiers, Vehicles and Technology from the 3 Military Powers. From Premier Procopio, General Pedro and Commander Kenji. Just as then Andres Unifies the 3 powers to form one military power: The Cazathan Armed Forces.

Members Edit

  • Andres- High Commander
  • Pedro-Allied General
  • Kenji-Imperial Commander
  • Procopio-Soviet Prime Minister
  • Ryder-Commander

Military Ranks Edit

  • Cazathan King
  • Supreme General
  • Supreme Commander
  • General
  • Commander
  • Colonel
  • Lt. Colonel
  • Major
  • Captain
  • First Tiyente
  • Second Tiyente
  • Supremo Sarhento
  • Co-Commander Sarhento
  • Tactical Sarhento
  • Corporal
  • Private First Class
  • Private Second Class
  • Recruit

Arsenal Edit

Buildings Edit

  • Power Cores
  • Ore Refinery
  • Barracks
  • War Factory
  • Airfield
  • Battle Lab
  • Naval Yard
  • Heavy War Factory

Defenses Edit

  • Sentry Turrets
  • Flak Cannons
  • Tesla Coils
  • Gap Generator
  • Citadel Walls
  • Psionic Cannons
  • Proton Collider
  • NanoShield Hive

Infantry Edit

  • Allied Peacekeepers
  • Heavy Missile Men
  • Combat Engineer
  • Allied Spy
  • Scout Drone
  • Natascha

Vehicles, Vessels and Aircraft Edit

  • MBX-Guardian Tank
  • Gatling Tank
  • Chrono Ore Miner
  • Prism Tank
  • Mecha Tengu/Jet Tengu
  • Bomber
  • Assault Destroyer
  • Shogun Battleship
  • Akula Submarine
  • Kirov Airship
  • Siege Chopper

Protocols Edit

  • Advanced Aeronautics
  • Tactical Airstrike
  • Orbital Drop, Downpour, Rain
  • Honor Boost, Morale Increase, Might of Cazatha
  • Fortified Navy
  • Maximum Production
  • Chrono Swap
  • Cyro-Blast, Cyro-Fissure, CyroGeddon

Story Edit

It serves as the Cazatha's Military body headed by the Supreme General of the Cazathan Armed Forces.

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