Hebrews 12:29 Edit

Hebrews 12:29 "For our God is a Consuming Fire".

The Fire of the Lord Original short on this persepctive.

Chark Fire:-The Fire of Hell is consuming us in sin, but the Fire of our Lord God, Jesus, and the Holy Spirit is greater in stregth and will eternally consume us to the bliss of our great lord and his son our savior for all eternal. As the light of God is greater and his fire is eternal love that of which nothing can put it out.

Bio Edit

Chark Fire was born into one of Trussias wealthiest and most promenent familes and at his young age he exhibited strong intelligence and atributes. From sword fighting to academics Chark excelled it an astonishing rate, but he himself felt that something was different about his path in life.. His loyalty though to his friend and family was strong, but yet his family saw darkness within him.  A darkness the would shape him from the moment of his birth to every singal day, minute, and second of his life. From this and his extensive education provided by his family and the state he would gain the position of Deacon within the Trussian Christian Church of Faith. As Deacon for a time he felt fulfilled and at peace which would last for about a decade. Upon the tenth years of his service as deacon he woild be approached by a young female named Maria and her pup. After taking in Maria and her young son Mattew the both would soon fall in love with one another. Only to be ripped apart from her days later on a snowy cold night with a brutal reaction from Chark. As this happened Chark was brutally beatan, the church he gratefully served was burned to the ground and his new love taken to be killled and tortured. As Chark was laying in the snow bleeding to death, the only light he saw was that of his church burning. Soon from this fire an orange Phoenix (the keeper of Hellfire and Sin) would emerge unleashing the true power of Chark deep within. The power of Hellfire and sin would soon be unleashed within Chark, his mind changed with his true self would be unleashed in the galaxies.  The aftermath of Charks new found abilties would soon end in only what can be desribed as an horrific sight. Dozens Killed, but only to save a mother and her child. Who would become his wife and Child from then on but there was an enormus cost for this all. Only in Which Chark would pay the price for the sins of what he has committed.


Conniving, cunning, and self righteous Chark is extremly dangerous when in combat of at adds with others who dare to challenge him. He exhibits traits of a phsycopath and socipath and he believes anything he does is justified by what God has told him to do. While at the same time he is carring and lovong to his friends and family. His loyalty to them is strong and unquestionable to he would give his life for others, but he still has violent tendencies. Only those close to him would be able to understand him for who he truly is and why he has commited the crimes he has done during his fall.


Charks Abilties and within great power, he has power over Hellfire and control of the sin the infects his veins. He can conjure his fire as he pleases and shape his sin to his will. Any sho dares challenges him will only be cut down his ash and blood. One of the Galaxies most powerful beings sacrifing himself for what will lie ahead.