"Lets Make a Deal?"


Deceptive, satonic, manipulative, what else could describe such a blood thirsty individual or creature.   He lures you in with the promise the make you dreams come true. He says he can help you, that he cares about.  He has all your answers and all you have to do is accept his deal. He knows your past, present, and future and he can read ones heart and mind with ease!!!!  If you accept him or his deal, then you realize, you have been tricked, decieved, lied to!!!! What ever you call it.  He has given you a deal where he gives you your deepest desire and in return you knowingly give him your soul for all eternity.  You are now his slave, entrapped and unable to escape.  He does this over and over again, though this is the nice way he entraps you.  Make him angry, or unleash his rage, nothing but death and destruction will happen.  No weapon will work, and there is no place to hide. He knows you beeter then you know yourself!!!! He knows you Future!!!!  He is unstopable and everwhere, no one knows where he came from, all he wants is destrcution and pain.  If he approaches you run and Remeber!!!!  NEVER MAKE A DEAL!!!!


Diabolu's true form Diabolus is of the Tri-on Species of the Trussian Galaxy.   So due to their traits he has Green fur, large pointed years, and large all black eyes.  Becasue of this he can also walk up right or on all fours legs.  His species is highly intelligent and cunning as well as can be very dangerous becasue of their abilites as well

Diabolus's Primary Form.


Diablous is sneaky, devious, scheming, and very manipulative to his victims.   Diablous uses a majority of his power to trick others into a deal where his victims cannot ever repay their debts to him.  In order to repay them, they are not the property of Diablous.   He can also see into the past and future, using this as a vital tool in molding his plans and using his ability of manipulation to take control to his benefit.  As well as he is also dishonest and deciving.  In addition Diabolus us very violent and Sadistic to anyone he comes across.  Either, by tricking, endebting, or just down right killing them for his own amusement.  As well as eve though Diabolus is manipulatice and a lier, he also delivers what his victims wants when he make them a deal. Though...It is not always what the person on the other side wanted or had in mind, but none the les they oew a debt to Diabolus.  In addition to making dishonest deals, Diabolus is very manipulative.  In the way of which he has no morals or disregard to who he harms or makes a dishonest deal with.   As well as this keeps addiing to his resume of being a manipulative demon.  Such as he is also persuasive, smooth-talking, and charming.  This is the begining of the foundations he will lure you into.  Toping it off he is also controling, selfish, heartless, remorseless, arrogant and selfish. Doing whatever he can to get what he wants and to enpower himself even further.  He has become the most powerful evil entity of the Trussian Galaxy.  Hiding in the shadows and drawing in is victims until they succumb to his power.

Powers and AbilitesEdit


Execution Axe



Incredible Strength

Ability to phase through soild objects

Mind Manipulation

Phyisical and Supernatural manipulation

Various Spells and Magic.

Can read minds, hearts, and see into a indiduals Past, Present, and Future.  He can even alter certain points but in a deciveing way to his victim.


Mind Manipulation and Fear



Mind Control

Atmokinesis (Ability to control weather)


Supernatural abilites

Can take and restore life.


Array of Supernatural Weapons

Primary Weapon is a Executioner Battle Axe.



Poison Pies

Acidic Pies

Supernatural Contracts

Debt Collecting


Diabolus is latin for Devil and Evil

Once you owe Diabolus a debt he will collect it mo matter what.

Depending on the debt you will a Servus to him.  You will either be a slave to him or suffer at his hands.

He is very manipulative

Diabolus is the Devil of the Trussia Galaxy.

HE is one of the most powerful beings within the galay itself and he has an important role of balancing it.

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