Fire heart is Takota's youngest cousin who happens to be half shark pup too.  {He is made by me Sonicthefox19 and takota95}


He is a very sweet but wild dalmatian mix. He is sweet to all that he meets but hates getting bullied. Despite him being half-shark and having great strength because of it, he is actually kinda wimpy. He adores his cousin Takota and prefers to call him uncle. He loves to go swimming when no one is looking, but he likes to play pranks on Takota's grandsons when they come for visits. He surprisingly is younger than Kai, but no one knows why that is  except for Tripup and Takota themselves. He loves to mess with his floppy ears. 


He wears a dark red collar with a red jacket. He has red stripes in his white fur along with black spots. One of his ears are floppy while his other is half cropped. He has green eyes that sparkle.


Green Fire: He has green fire powers, even though he doesn't display the usualy personality traits for it.

Shark abilities, given to him whn he excelerated futher then others in his class.

Power copy: He can copy two powers or abilities from anyone being at a single touch. But he can control this.

Size change: He can grow and shrink to any size he wants as long as he don't go smaller than 1 CM or taller than 24 ft. He gets stomach cramps bad if he does.

Later on Fireheart would live up to his name.  HE would developed Fire Powers at a young age as well as even though he was tested and thought not to have them, they soon appeared out of all of a sudden.   This is common but yet he would first develop Green Fires, which mean he is very strategic and smart, then he would later be the first  to have Golden Fire.  Very rare and un heard of and being in the royal family this made him famous even though he does not care for it.  Aswell as living up to his name he would have a big heart as well as not only developing a Fire Skill but two types of flames.