Black Hand

The KBA is the criminal organisation currently fighting for power against the KSE.

They despise every other empire in the alliance and they say fear is the key for control and domination. They befriend any one who fights against their enemies.

Black Hand ships Edit

Nemesis Star Dreadnought Edit


Length: 31,000m

Speed: 990G

Weapons: 390,000 heavy turbo lasers

350,000 turbo lasers

300,000 Point defence

420 ion cannons

80 tractor beams

Crew: 520,000

Gunners: 4,500

Shields: 9,000,000

Hangar capacity: 6,000,000

Bio: The largest ship in the Black Hand fleet and the most powerful. This ship is very dangerous in terms of firepower but it does not have more guns than the Eclipse. It would be safe to stay away from this ship if it does appear. This ship was built in Fondor shipards, the largest shipyards the KBA hold and one of the largest in the galaxy.

N70 Destroyer Edit

Scifi Corvette

Motto Edit

The Hand cannot be stopped. We will fight for what we believe. We fight for a true mighty empire. No retreat no surrender.

Leaders Edit

Master: Nathaniel

Superiors: Rom and Lane