Overview Edit


Trussias Emperor is the highest authority figure of our galaxy.

Leader of the strong and defenders of the weak.

Uniting a Galaxy!!!!!

Uniting all people!!!!!

Planet by Planet!!!!!

Leading our brave and strong ARMY!!!!!

Trussia shall rule forever!

May out Emperor reign be Eternity!!!!!

Trussians Over All!!!!

As we Join together!

Trussia shall rule forever!!!!

As Trussians Unite together!

We shall never Fall!

Trussians over all!!!

We are supreme!!!!

May our Emperor lead us!

Leader of the Strong!!!!

Defender of the Weak!!!!

May our Emperor shall guide us

For all Enternity!

Trussia shall rul forever!

We will never Fall

Trussia shall rise above

Stronger them all!

May our Emperor Guide us!

Leader of the Strong!!!

Defender of the Weak!!!

May our Emperor lead us!!!!!!

For all Enternity!!!!

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