This him in reality.

Smith doesn't have much of a background but he is a great pup who will do anything to please his pals and his father. Always trying to prove himself that he is more than a pup and that he is as powerful as Paxus and always pushing his limits.

Powers Edit

Eternal life: Shared by his father.

Teleportation: can teleported anywhere he knows, giving him a massive advantage in combat.

Smith's ship Edit

USS Vengeance Edit

In the middle of vast space there laid the Federation battleship, most of its hull is still attached and some systems are still operating. A science ship hyperspaced into this area, surveyed the federation battleship and imformed the High Lord. Amazed by the ship's weapons Paxus ordered to recover the debris and get back into shape. Once it was all complete they found out that the ship had the ability to chase ship in hyperspace and warp. Smith was given this ship as a reward by the High Lord and High Captain for his actions at the invasion of Malasao and exceptional leadership. Smith is the very first to command the USS Vengeance.