Taldara is a World created in what is known as the great beyond by the God Tal and the Goddess Dara. They created the known universe which is known to the Taldarans as the Great beyond. Their world Taldara named in the honor of the God and Goddess reflects that they are the result of perfection and beauty.  So from this they are highly prideful and think of themselves as the almighty beings over all others.


When the Trussians discovered Taldara in the early 21st age they sent T.I.C agents to study the world and its inhabidents.  The results were quite interesting so T.I.C and the Trussian Government wiped Taldara from the map and turned their solar system into District 52.  This means that it will be heavliy isolated and cut off becasue it was the citizens of the planets were primitive and isolated.
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Taldard (To the left and (portions of Carnem to the Right.)

   From here various agents were placed around the planet to study and observe while up above the planet was watched 64/7 by T.I.C.  Taldara has provided T.I.C a rare oppurtunity to study such a society. From this T.I.C would not interfere but with the planets natural order, world events, or government affairs. In addition Takota placed himself in order to conduct his own resaerch. He goes under the allius "'The Great Healer" 'in order to have a base of operations and a profession.   From there Takota would set up shop the small trading town of New Shire. 

Though this wouls all change in little after a century of observation.  Conflict would arise as the Trussians would expose thensekves in a rescue mission of the two Trussian Emprors Grandsons.  From this the emperor wouls dispatch his Police and best troops to save this.  Following this would lead to war and liberation of thousands of slaves from the Taldarans. From this this the entire world of Taldara would then know of Trussias Exsistance and vou to fight tis strange nation.


Taldara like earth is diviided into various nations and races with different affilitations, religions, and unity of what drives them as one nation.  Taldara has many nation spanning its globe as well as the three main super powers are Taldara (The nation), Carnem, and Voldram.  Each displaying its own unique culture and people within their own lands of Taldara..

Taldara Edit

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Taldaran Flag


Taldara was the first society and organized nation within the taldaran world.  It formed on their calander over 927 years before Trussian discovery, so this means it for in the year TR.  IT has held high and mighty over most of the known world as well as their military might has expanded and dominated through many centuries. This was until the rebellion in 546-548 which lead to the Taldarans military defeat.  Their military was defeated in many crucial battles, leaving their remaning forces unable to to mass any offensives.  In return hey could only hold out and fight on the defensive and defend their Capitol and King.  Becasue of this humuliation the Taladarn Government sued for peace with the victors.  Their demands were simple, and that was for their independence.   Taldara could remain, but all territory east of their mainland was now thenew  nation of Carnem.   Under the terms the Taldaran Empire at the time was to fully reconized Carnem as a independent and soverign nation.  From the Taladarns side they had no choice, it was either that or to fully surrender and loose the rest of their land.  So from that point for the first time the Taldarans and their government were seen as week.  This would go into a dark age for over 10 years as many people once loyal to the Taladaran Government left the Empire and settled in other lands and continents.  By the Year 558 the Government was in ruins and the nation was in shambles until a coup lead to a new King and a new government which over the next 10 years would bring new pride and wealth to Taldara.  Following this decade in the year 568 Taldara was fully rebuilt with its wealth and power once again.  To show their new power the Taladarn King, Sol Moff the III lead an army to 70,000 troops to the south where a new nation formed 20 years prior and had declared their independence from Taldara.  The king would lead his army into the deep south and fight for 6 long years.  Following the War, the Southern nation fell and they were once again in the power of the Taldaran Empire once again.  From this the south nation lost over 45,000 troops while the Taldarans lost hardly 10,000 with their more powerful army.  From here the Taldarans wished to conqueor and retake its lost territories, so for the next two years following the Southern War the Taldarn Army marched across the continent to expand from west to east.  From here they wished to take back the east Continent where Carnem now lay as a symbol of humiliation for taldara.  Carnem which had been independent for over 28 years and also knew a conflict with the Taldarans would be impossible to avoid.  They in were brief time of peace would have built up their own Army and wealth and both sides would go to war for over 150 years.  From 576-726 the war would range killing thousands soldiers and causing famine througout the country side as each nation and their armies killed and ransacked each other for decades.  By the year 726 both nations were almost bankrupt and their resources were completly drained.  In order to assure each others own survival both agreed to a ceasefire but the damage was down and it would take years for the wounds to heel.  In the aftermath in was estimated from the bodies and skeletons buried and cataloged some half a billion people were killed.  From here both Taldara and Carnem would be isolated from each other and trade to the north would be opened for both sides and their goods.  Many say if it was not the wealth and beauty of the North nation of Voldrom that both Taldara and Carnem would both have starved to death.  So in the year 727 a year after the ceasefire an uneasy peace was established for two hundred years to the current year of 927.  During the year 927 Taldara was in a age of peace and prosperity, their grudges have long deminished and their people were happy as their wealth had increased.  


The Economy of Taldara is one of the largest in the known world. It bousts one of the wealthiest and most lucrative revoling around agriculture, mining, fishing, and the biggest slavery.  The will often attack smaller and weaker vassls just to obtain slaves for their markets know as the slaves trading Guild who controls, regulates, and moves slaves from all across Taldara and from nation to nation al accept Carnem.  

Society and Culture.Edit

The Taldarans were the first formed nation and empire so they thought of themsleves in high regards as the perfection of Tal and Darra the God and Goddes who created them.  Then their were the weaklings created by the nothings, they were nothing more then trash but in reality were just the lower class. Say if a once Noble and high regarded person lost their wealth and influence for any reason they would be put into slavery. It was that simple while many in the Upper Class moved to take advantage of the week.  This would lead to the rebellion in 546 where the lower class rebelled and using their knowledge of crafting and builng to constuct weapons and go on the attack.  From here lead into a decline in the Taldaran Society known as the Great Dark. In lasted till the 150 year war where their wealth was alsmost gone but after teh ceasefire in 727 the Taldarans would rise in power and prestige once again.  From here their arrogance and selfishness would rain well into the year 927.  Wealth and poverty for the upper class was none existent while those who were the slave class worked for food and shelter or they would be killed by the hand of their masters.   As well as their culture also revolves around vanity, beauty and selfishness to the cost of others such as their vste slave markets.


The Government of Taldara is a Absolute Monarchy backed by various ministers and the Military who are sworn to serve and protect the King and is family and government to the death.  The Government is known as the first and seconf monarchy.  The first Monarchy ruled from the year 0-558 and not much is known about it do to the current regime wanted to elimnate all records regarding it as a failure to their perfection.  Meaning the Second Monarchy has been in ruled from 558-927 so for over 369 years the Government of the seconf Monarchy ruled Taldara with an Iron Grip.


The Taldaran Army was the primary forces used by the Nation of Taldara. 
European 18th Century Crossbow

The Crossbow, a popular choice within the Taldaran Army.

It had a very similar appearance and structure to the Roman Army of its style and period.  Such as it was made up mainly of formations of infantry armed with swords, spears, and large circular shields. Also used in their forces were calvary, archers, and siege weapons such as battering ram, ballistae, and trebuchets.  Taldara could also call upon Vassal states and outlying kingdoms allied to them for additional troops ans support.  This gave them a huge advantage in numbers and strength.  In additon though their army was very traditional and usually did not incorproate new methods or technolgies in their forces.  For instance those known as the Carnem actually invented a form of Gun Powder and primitive ut yet flintlocks and cannons. This is what gave them an edge in The Rebellion of 546.  The Taldarans saw Gun Powder as magic and never really made an effort to see how and why it worked.  Because of this arrogance the Taldarans lost some 300,000 troops of the 500,000 man army.  Such as 200 Carnem soldiers armed with Flintlocks and Cannons could defeat 1,000 infantry and calvary from their basic firearms.  The Carnem Flintlock
Roman sword

The Ca-ross, the standard issue swoard carried by the Taldaran Army. It strike a striking resemblance to a roman sword.

and Cannons were also very loud making this a major factor from the fear of the sound as well as once a lead ball hit a oppnent or horse a huge chunk of flesh would rip out. This made survival form the weapons practically non existent do to the infection and that doctors did not even know haw to treat such wounds. Though in the years following this the Taldarns would make strides such as in better armor for their troops and shields as well as adopting newer weapons such as the crossow.  Following this they would also adopt teh tri- and Quadbows for their infantry. In all the Military of Taldara is powerful and large but also outdated in many ways.  Do to in the year 927 they still use the same style weapons and tactics. In addtion the Taldarans army much like the Roman Army  is made up of legions.  Most legions are made up of 5,000-10,000 troops per legion while their auxilaries are made up of 1,000-2,000 troops.

The Taldaran Navy is another one of its strong points, while the Carnem had advantages on land they had lost at sea during the 546 rebelion. The Taldaran navy consisted of hundreds of Warships such as wooden sailing galleons.  The Taldarans main strategies would consist of either ramming enemy ships or boarding and taking them by force which worked during the rebellion and the early parts of the 150 year War.  Though during the middle of the 150 Year War the Carnem would challenge the Taldarans do to the Carnem started to equip their ships with Cannons and their crews with firearms.


Taldara was located on the South Eastern continent the planet. Its borders were over 75 percent of the continent while the ramaining 15% were vassal states and allied kingdoms swearing their alligence to Taldara in return not to be invaded or or enslaved to them.  The other 10% were various lands Taldara raided for resources and slaves for their economy and markets..


Most of the Citizens in Taldara are made up of Wolves, Dogs, Coyotes, and to a lesser degree Foxes.  Wolves and Dogs and usally the wealthier within Taldara while the Wolves live in the Western Vassal states.  As well as Foxes are seen as the dirt and used as slaves. 

Carnem Edit

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Carnem declared their independence in the year 546 so this makes their country only 381 years old.  It is by far younger then Taldara but it was more advanced in industry, technology, and weaponry. Such as they were the first nation and force to invent Gunpowder and use it for military purposes.  This gave them a striking advantage in Warfare during the 546 Rebillion and when Carnem won and made Taldara sign the Carnem-Taldaran Peace Treaty all lands east of Taldara would be the new nation of Carnem.  In addition after the independence was one, Carnem waited no time to build ups its military and naval strength even further.  While Taldara was in near ruin and rebuilding, Carnem was fully mobilizing itself for war and stability.  Its government under the rule of the Counsel brought peace and wealth throughout its lands and proved to be an efficient government for its first thirty years.  Though once word got to their capitol about the fall of the Southern nation they mobilized for an invasion by Taldara but it would not happen for almost two years.  Once an Invasion did happen the Carnem wasted no time and went on the offensive.  They won several major battles in the beginning, but as the war dragged on for the next 150 years both sides would become just to worn out and by the end both side agreed to a ceasefire and parted ways. By the end of the war in 726 Carnem was in Ruins like Taldara and from this their government under the Counsel could not cope or run the country. In 730 Anarchy spread and the Carnem Capitol City of Car-Nanta was burned to the ground.  Without a government or a capitol city Carnem was almost at point of collapse.  It was here the Military party known as the Elitists would rise to power and they would be lead by the Viceroy of Carnem.  So during this time from 730-740 Carnem would be engulfed in a Civil War and the Elitists under the Viceroy of Carnem would stampout any rebellion or holdout against its new regime.  After the Carnem Civil War in the year 745 the Elitists would build a new luxuious capitol representing its power and prestige over the Carnem people.  Its capitol would be located on a northern island safe from invasions or rebelling forces.   Its new Capitol would be called Car-ithian and it would house the new Authoritarian Dictatorship lead by the Viceroy of Carnem.   Following the next two years Carnem would grow in strength and population as well as it would develop and research new technolgies and advance its technology/industrial bases.  It would become the first modern industrialized nationsin Taldara.  Such as it had discovered a way to conduct electricity and many of its nothern cities would be powered by it through primitive electric damns.


The Carnem Economy was heavily centraliazed and self sustained about a century after the 150 years war.  It traded heaviliy with the northern nation of Voldram which helped it in Carnems survival.  In addition Carnems economy was more modern and industrialized so this means they can manufacture more goods at a lower cost and sell it for a higher price.  With this in their arsenal means that Carnem has the more modern economy but yet they still compete with Taldara in many areas. Such as agriculture, mining, and to a lesser degree the slave trade.  Slaves are as common in Carnem as in Taldara, but in a altered point of view, most of Carnems enitire population is really just one slave labor force.  Any additional slaves bought or shipped go to work like any other Citizen in the regions or serve the Elite in the Colonies.  As well as do to the country is heavily divided and segergated means that various regions are assigned to a certain industry such as mining, fishing, or refining.  Each is to supply the nation with its growing needes which under its dictatorship has made Carnem wealthy but at an extreme cost to morality in its people.

'Society and 'CultureEdit

The Carnem were no differant then the Taldarans, they were selfish, greedy and seeked power and to take for their own needs no matter who gets in the way.  In Carnem only the powerfull survive and the week are feasted apon such as Canabalism is a common cultural pratice.  As well as Carnem is divided into 35 Special Regions and 20 Elitist Colonies.  The 7 Colonies are where the Carnemian top Citizens lived and their Capitol City was placed. In addition where those who could join the military were from.  Anyone else in the Regions were forbidden to have combat training or even own or posses a weapon.  The Colonies also received the best assests of Carnem such as its food and resources.  In addition the Colonies population was half that of the nation meaning the Regions could not outmatch them or even have any attempts to fight their overlords as all Military Troops and weapons wer trained and manufacturing were in the colonies.  As well as the Elitists also conducted Purge Hunts on their own population to keep them in line and get rid of anyone who dares challenge them.


The government of Carnem in the beginning was a general body of elected counsel members.  After the Carnem Civil War a new Government known as the Elitists would rise as an Authoritarian Dictatorship and would rein througout the nation.


The Carnem Imperial Army was the primary armed forces for the Elitist Republic of Carnem.  It is one of the most advance and modern forces in the Taladaran world as they use more modern weaponry and tactics compared to the Taldarans.  Such as Carnems Military Firearms and Cannons as well as they also used forged steel for swords while Taldaran used Iron and bronze giving Carnem an edge on the battle field.

Apple 8 untitled Musket
In addtion many of their troops were equipped with either smoothbore flintlocks or rifled muskets.  Most fired lead balls while other used forged bullets.  In early stages the Carnem flintlocks were terrible in its design but after decades of refinement the Carnem firearms were more reliable and accurate as much as  you can get for flintlocks and Muskets.  Though other problems also plauging were that of each firearm equppied to a soldier was in a differant calibre and size.
Apple Flint Gontlocl untitled

Early Carnem Flintlock

  This is becasue there was no system and standard when each flintlock and musket were made, making it difficult as all soldiers would have to make their own bullets.   This was a critical problem during the 150 year war though after the war the Carnem develped a program which would take over twenty years but in the years after it gave Carnem a Weapons Standard.   This Standard as well as through their industrial foundries would make Carnems weapons Logisitcs much better.  Such as their Military as of 730 uses only Muskets while Flintlocks will be used for reserve.   All Military Muskets will be in the Calibre 68 as well as issued a 15 inch bayonet for all troops.  With this standard calibre Carnems Military could equip their troops with the same size Lead ball as well as they could manufacture them for their troops and supply them where they are needed.  

As well as from their weapons to Carnems Military role was to defend the country against Taldaran invasion. After their first 30 years as an independent nation Carnem went to war with the Taldarans. During various battles and operations the Carnem Military used superior weapons and tactics but yet the Taldarans still did not give it.  Such as an Advantage the carnem had was the use if their Guns and Cannons.  Such as a line of field troops armed with Miskets could fire at Taldarns and their musket balls could rip trhoug hte Taldaran Armor and shields.  This paired with Cannons and the emense sounds would send shivers down their enemies spines. 

Such as 45 years after the 150 year war Carnem was being attacked by criminal bands from the East Mountains.  Carems Government sent 2,500 soldiers to the east mountains where where the bands lived.  Up against the Carnem Expeditionary Force was some 12,000 tribesman.  The bands scouts saw the Carnem coming into various mountain passes and reported they were few in numbers and then decided that it would be an easy victory over the invading enemy. So during the dawn of the next morning both Armies would meet in what would become known as the Meadow of death.  The Carnem troops lined up their troops and waited for their comanders orders.  The Tribesman  were armed with weapons similar to the Taladarns.  As the sun rose and both sides saw each other the Tribesman calvary and infantry charged.  The Carnem raised their Guns and loaded their canons and their commanding officer yelled "Open Fire'.  All troops fired their weapons and cannons and within seconds the  enemy forces were cut down.  Soon the Carnem mobilized more forces and penatrated further into the East Mountains.  After 7 months the Carnem have expanded its borders by 23,000 square miles.

As of 927 the Carnem Military consisted of some 250,000 troops with some 1,500 Artillery Guns for their land and
Untitled Army Cannon

Carnem Naval Cannon

naval forces.  The Carnem navy had some 764 Wooden Clipper ships equipped with armor plating and Cannons.  Giving them and incredible advantage and a formitable force.  Though the Taldarn Fleet outnumbered their own fleet the Carnem was more advacned.  In combat wiht ships going one on one the Taldarans and Carnem were at almost equal in power. As well as though both fleets have challenged each other is is most likely the Carnem would devastate Taldara and rule high seas  This is do to Carnem is just so advanced as of 927 while Taldaras is outdated.


Carnem layed on the continent east of Taladra.  From Taldara Carnem would span the continent up to the east mountains.  After the Carnem invasion and conquest it would span the rest of the south eastern continent abd deep into the southern islands as well as various nothern island chains as well.


Most of the Citzens with Carnem are mostly made up of Anthro Hyenas and Jackals.

They are very greedy and very wealthy within their own lands. To the point they will turn and fight each other almost anywhere just for money if they feel their honor has been offended or if they are just in the mood. They are very agressive and many are very shallow and violent. To the cost of those they force to work within for them to fill their greedy appitites.

Voldram Edit

Apple Voldram

Voldram was a penninsula in the North Continent of Taldara.  It was composed of various Port Cites and a Capitol known as the Golden Tree. It was the major trading nation to the entire world.  It was originally Colonies controled by Taldara, but once the the 546 Rebellion occured the Taladran Ministry of War ordered for a recall of all troops and fleets. Once Taldara withdrawed all its troops and ships they were soon met by the Carnem Navy.  With this being the first naval engagement of the two powers the Carnem obliterated the Talarans sending their fleet to the bottom of the ocean. With this military defeat to the Taldarans left Voldrom in a void.  In the
AAAA Voldram
aftermath they had not protection, but yet they local governments united Forming the Republic of Voldram. It bacame the worlds first democracy in 546.  Within the next decade the became the dominant power in the north Conitnent.  They fought with knowledge and economics instead if Armies and Weapons.  Such as when the Taldarans and Carnem wet to war 30 years after Voldrom became independent, they would become nothing but wealth during the 150 years war.  For that enitre time during the War Voldram never fought with troops but with enterprise.  They bought, sold, and traded with both Carnem and Taldara weapons, supplies, and various raw materials.   While Carnem and Taldara were being drained Voldram was growing and expanding in wealth and power.  When the 150 War ended Carnem and Taldara were virtually almost destroyed.  They needed food, medicine, and blankets for their people and the only Nation willing to help them was Voldram.  They had everything they needed including the most needed assest, "Grain".   Voldram was settled for trade in the north as well as the inland was perfect for growing grain. By the time the 150 year War ended Voldram grew as much as 76% of the worlds grain.  With Grain they could make bread the most basic food needed for survival.  Though Carnem and Taldara had almost nothing to offer, they basically said to Voldram, Name your Price".  From here Voldram ordered from Carnem their advanced knowledge in weapons such as for Cannons and Muskets while from Taldara they wanted Slaves and lots of them.  From the huge weapon stockpiles they got from Carnem they could arm their own Army and supply their allies in case of future threats from the two powers.  Carnem hated givng away nealry their enitre weapons arsenal, but it was either that or starve to death so they did so.   While with Taldara Voldram ordered for slaves and not just any but Foxes.   This is do to Voldrams entire population were Foxes and they hated how Taldaran treated their Fox minority groups.   Taldara was not pleased to loose so many of its slaves but it was less mouths to feed and they neede the food from Voldram.  Taldara then sent some 190,000 slaves to Voldram which increase their population.   If it was not for Voldram then both Taldara and Carnem would and faded into history.  In addition that by this point Taldara and Carnem were deeply in debt to the Voldram.  For nearly 70 years they were almost puppet states to the North.  Such as Voldram had such a economic grip over the Carnem and Taldarans that with just one play of Voldrams cards both would be plumitted into anarchy and starvation.  Nearly a century after the 150 years war Voldram was and Econimic and political power house in the world never beforeseen. For the first time armies and navies were not the primary weapons to wage war but instead through Voldram business and enterprise was use to wage wars agaisnt their enemies.  Because by controling markets and various shifts in the Economy the Voldram could wage a war in which their competition could not fight back or even know where to start. This is becasue of the Foxes within the Voldram nation, they were given the nickname the Sly Nation, becasue of the sly Foxes of which lived within its borders.  As well as the foxes also thought ahead unlike Carnem and Taldara.  Becasue knowing at some point they may want revenge Voldram asked for the Weapon stockpiles from Carnem givng then a huge arsenal for their armies and by the incoming slaves they did not only increase their population but saved their brother foxes from the harsh treament of the Taldarans. As well as from the information of the former slaves Voldrams government ordered for the creation of the Slave Gunners. The Slave Gunners were volunteer soldiers that were armed with knives and muskets and were to do deep penetration raids within the crumbeled nation of Taldara. The Slave Gunners would go up against the Slave Trade Guilds of Taldara. Using their Guns and swoards they would slaughter many Slave Taders and rescue even more foxes.  This as of 927 still goes on but Taldara cannot attack Voldram directly because of how much of the trade they control.   In Voldram their is also a saying, "Make Business not War", by this Voldram fights its war with Business whic is more lucrative and less costly in the matter of live.  The worst that could happen is the loss of products, good, or a profit.  As well as in this sense the Voldram NAvy is also very powerful.  Becasue their trading vessels also act as their navy fleet for the nation and its democracy.  Nearly 50 years after the 150 Year War Voldram had by far the most powerfull navy on the planet.  Becasue Taldara and Carnems fleets were destryed from the war and they were both recovering and also in rebuilding meant Voldram had control of the high seas for decades.  They were so powerfull Voldram did their first Military Conquest within the Central Sea.  Over 200 Fox Troopers armed with Muskets attacked the island Cal-ratta ruled by Taldara in 745.  Even though at peace Taldara could not act becasue their navy was still in a large rebuilding program.  Since then the island was used as a outpost for Voldram as well as a trade port for their vast navy fleet.  So as of 927 Voldram and become a powerful nation that not even Taldara or Carnem wish to fight with.


The Taldaran economy ibased on finance, trade, and corporations.  After the 150 year War between Taldara and Carnem both nations were near destruction.  Until Voldram stepped in with trade and money loans which would take Tadara and Carnem almost a century to pay back plus interst. From here Voldram had control over Carnem and Taldara not with vast Armies and navies but with money and trade.  This tool and weapon has become what they are famous for. Never has their world seen this, instead of fighting with militaires Voldram fights with money.  With such and advantae has also helped them in their defense as if Carnem of Taldara ever came withing attacking them Voldram would pull back finances or trade and they would starve.  As well as their trade routes throughout the north they can access and transport anything that would ake them a profit.   In addition to trade and finance Voldram is also a leader in the Worlds grain and grape production.  Their inlands is filled with farms fr Grain, and grape production do to it is the most common food most eat.  Voldram following the 150 Year War had the largest agriculture in the world for nearl a century. This is do to the fighting between Taldara and Carnem left most of their usable farmland in ash. From this Voldram was the bread basket for the world, they grew a nd traded to only food the lower nations could get their Paw on.  From here and as of 928 they have 60% of the worlds grain and groaes at their disposal. 

Society and CultureEdit

I Voldram everyone is believed to be equal and very wealthy from their trading and enterprise.   Everyone sees each other as the same and everyone is caring for the other. 


Voldrams government is a Demcracy under a Senate and a Prime Minister the serev 6 years in office.   It is a very effective system meat for fairness and equality as well as firm but fai rules.  The Primary function the Voldram Demcracy is to protect and nourish theor people and that all are fead and clothed.  They care for each other and everyone contributes for the greater good. They have had such a government ever since Taldara left was unable to reclaim its former colinies.  From here they just sat back and observed Taldara and Carnem in their Mayhem. From teh corrupt Monarchy from Taldara to the dictatorship od Carnem Voldra has rose  with the only reaining decracy of equality within their world.


With all it power and wealth Voldram has, itactually fields a very small army in comparison to Taldrarans at 500,000 and Carnem at some 250,000 troops.  Voldram in total has only fieled an army no bigger then 20,000-30,000 troops at one time on land.  This is do they have never been attacked or invaded by another superpower or nation. They have several peace, economic, and mutual protection treaties with its neighbors.  As well as its military from this is mainly used for Policing for its cities and the country sides.  Its major combats troops are their experianced sailors who have since the end of the 150 War have controled major trade routes and the entire northen region of the Central Sea. 


In addition that most of their military strength is invested in their navy and merchant fleets armed with Cannons thanks to the Carnem in the 150 Year War aftermath.  From this their fleet is not as strong but yet larger and faster then the Carnem and Taldaran fleets.

As well as from this the Voldram are so powerful that they took a major island from Taldara in a folowing years of the 150 Year War. This is becasue Voldram at this time saw Taldara rearming its navy and they had a crucial base within the Central Sea. From this Voldram invaded with their navy and ever since they control trade and the Norht part ofthe Central Sea from both Carnem and Taldara.   This has expanded their trade, business, and self defesne from their enemies. THe original cause was for that Taldara could not expand and invade their home and threaten their independence.


About 90% of Voldrams citizens are Foxes, of various colors and types.  In Taldara Slavery is illegal making up most of the population as foxes as well as all Citizens are treated fairly. In additon they are a Republic based on freedom and fairness.

North TaldaraEdit


Northern Taldara

Established in the year 930 on the main Taldaran Continet, North Taldara would become new nation forged for the futre based on education and technology.  WIthin the year 930, North Taldara broke away from the Taldaran Empire after their King Jark was opposed by the Trussians, known throughout the world as the Watchers. After the Trussian/Taldaran war Jarks power and dominace was in decline, his army in ruins and his Capitol burned to the ground. From this many would break away from his oppresive rule and form their own nation. The Taldara Empire would not oppsoe this as their nations was in shambles. Their best lands taken, and the remainder of their Government fight off rebellions. Though they would regain control of the Continent, their new northern neighbor would be a new thorn in their side.


Society and CultureEdit



Taldaras first encounter with the Trussians Edit

The Trussian/Taldaran War: Edit

Date Trussia:  Early 21st Age 3rd Century About 6 Weeks their Time

Date Taldara: Year 927 ( estimated 4 Months)

Taldaran Losses: 92,000 Injured and at least 122,000 Killied or MIA (Missing in Action)

Trussian Losses: 63 Injured and non Killed

Cause of Conflict.

As of 927 the Trussian have been observing Taldara for well over a Century with no intention of harnimg them or interfering with their Cultures but early within the Summer of the Trussian 21st age, 135 T.I.C Agents were in trouble of being Killed by the growing Taldaran Brutality.  Under their most recent Emperor the Taldaran Leader known as Major Jark had killed his father, murdered a quarter of his family and went on the War path against his own people.  This would escalate as 135 T.I.C Agents were targeted becasue of their influence in the regions they studied and were based in. They were seen as Scholars and and many like them in other areas and cities were either being enslaved, Killed, and imprisoned.  AT the time the 135 agents has non of their advanced Tech only various meeting places for extraction if needed.  From there intelligence and obsurity the Taldaran Army targeted them and arrested them in the Taldaran town of New Shire and lead to a Prison far north.'  From here the Emperor Jark went to New Shire Himselff and helped himself to the towns wealth as well as taking many new Brown Foxes as slaves.  In addition he even viewed and laughed at the Agents and grew mad a time later when he had no record of who they really were or where they came from.  He ordered them to admit crime and other falls crims but the agents said nothing, from here he would make sure they would talk  once he was doown with them.   Later that day Jark would go on a rampage and would collect 335 inoccent Brown Foxes as his new Toys as he called them and the ninstructed his troops head back to his Palace in the Taldaran Capitol.  Just hours before the Two Trussian Princes Kai and Hubcap the Wise came across a Portal to Taldara in their Granfathers study. As they advacned through the world the two would come across Jark and his slaves only to have freed them and making Jark and his Troops a laughing stalk in front of the entire town.  From this the two brothers tried to escape the Prince Hubcap was captured and taken to the Taldaran Military Fortress near the Taldaran trading town New Shire then later to the Taldaran Capitol.  From here Hubcap would be enslaved and his backpack of various tech taken by Jark as well as one of his pieces unkown to the fool Jark being a emergency beacon which he unkownly activated.  Such it was activated and sent right to the Grand Elite, 416ht Legion, and the T.S.F.  The T.S.F would be the first to resond to Taldara aboard their patrol craft the United 45.  ' The top ranking T.S.F Officer  Romulus Claw would be the first to respond with 80 officers, 6 AT-TE, 5 hovercraft, 6 shuttles, anf 8 Gunships, ready to fight for the free his fellow countrymen.  Romulus and his unit of 40 officers deployed and rescued Kai, Hubcap and the 135 slaves as well as the 2nd unit mobilized and tracked the T.I.C agents to the far north and cut off their military convoy.  They opened fire with their Automatic Weapons and killed 67 Taldaran soldiers and soon took the 135 undercover T.I.C agents to safety. Afterwards the units would meet up and plan their next move which would be he save Hubcap as well as many more slaves taken by the Taldarans. This would become a simple rescue mission the would expand on an epic scale which would include various Humanitarian missions. 

First Major Engagement:  The Battle of Tull

This was one of the first major battles, between T.S.F Agents and the Taldaran Soliders.  It involed in the Rescue of the 135 T.I.C agents being sent to a Prison in the north. T.S.F Officer Azul Vuldane lead the agents and sing their ore advanced Gunships and Technology the Officers were able to cut oghte Taldarans in a Rocky Mountain pass. 

When this occured Azul dropped downd out of the Gunship in front ofthe Troops Formation, behind him a T.S.F Gun ship as well as one from behind cutting of the formations.  The Troops commander ordered to attack bt both ships opend fire with their machine Guns. Within seconds 67 Taldaran Soldiers were killed while another 2,687 fled for cover and the within less then a few minute all T.I.C agenst were recovere and accounted for.  From here this battle even though short opened the eyes of the Taldarans and who they faced on the battle field.  Many of the Soldiers who fled the carnage made back to a Fortress/Outpost outside Shire. They reported what they saw but o the Outpost Commanding Generals they called  those troops Liers and cowards from fighting from what they though were Anarchist with War Elephants or Dragons. Soon they would Dispatch 24,000 troops but they would find nothing and return to their Shire outpost.

The Battle of Craine

Shortly afte the Battle of Tullm Trussian T.S.F officers returned to to their newly established base where Kai and  Romulus were.  The T.I.C agents would soon be returned the Fire-Ore in Order to to be within a safe locations.  In the Mean time Romulus and his agenst deployed Droids within the following areas of Shire and came to the conclusion the Hubcap would most likely be imprisoned at the Shire Outpost.  Romulus would announce a shoot and Kill policy as a mainline Distraction while 426th Legion which just arrived would infiltrate the base and find any remnant of Hubcap.  Their Plan was to strike at dawn, when Dawn arrived many Sentries on the Shire Out Post wal would see a horrific sight they have never before seen.  The moment the sun rose the Taldaran Soldiers heard screaching, down with the vast field T.S.F Guns, Ships and hover craft were approaching at incredible speed.  Soon the entire base was up ad trying to attacke.  Over 30,000 Archers left the Outpost and fired but only to have their arrows stop dead center.  but where they were all cut down in seconds by the T.S.F crafts machine guns and cannons.  As the other solider saw this they ordered for more men ans soon, 60,000 additional troops were called in for the fight, but many were cut down in a carnage of bullets and blood.  Halfway through the battle the T.S.F landed Officers at the Outposts Northwests Highest Gaurd tower, this tower was the bases command center.  The T.S.F Officers gained control  with ease through the use of their Blasters and Rifles.  Many were killed, and the Outpost high ranking general who was the last standing took out his sword to fight but only to be killed by Romulus and have his bloody carcus to be thrown down from the tower in plain view of all his troops.  This made all Taldaran Soldiers stop and the seen as their General who was Bloody and dead through many gun shots and Claw Marks.

As this happened Lt. Cark, walked forward with a Crossbow on one Paw and a Woman and baby Pup in the other.

Ltt. Cark: How dare you attack this base! We are Taldarans, the Few, the Pure, the Mighty!

Romulus: I honesty do not care! YOu have commited several crimes against my people and now you will pay!

Ltt. Cark: Who are you?

Romulus Claw: We are the Trussians, and we want Hubcap!

Ltt. Cark: HE is not here ut Emperor took him! Now surrender!

Romulus: Really? by the looks of it you should surreder to us! Our Craft wiped out all your Archers in one sweep!  Your troops are no match fir us!

Ltt. Cark:(Nervous) Never! We will never surrender!

Romulus: Fine, if I beat you, you will SUrrender, if you beat me I will surrender!

Ltt. Cark:  Fine! You mutt!!!

As Cark releases his hostage the T.S.F retreived the Woman and her Pup to safety.

Romulus: You Kidnap, our Prince, take our agents but you take a mother and baby hostage!

Ltt. Cark: So you admint to spying, and Prince you say? We will exchange him for a fee!

Romulus: (Punches Cark to the grond and within seconds he is a bloody pulp)

Ltt. Cark: Please, no more! No More!

Romulus: What I thought! (Spits on Cark)

From this sight the Taldarans dropped to their knees and bowed before Romulus.

Romulus smirked and orderd for the taldaran Soldiers specific plans of how to fortify the base and they did so.  From this point Trussia now had a Permanant base of Operations in Taldara.  Over the next few weeks as Trussia operated on the planet they were able to set up a Interworld Portal and fully fuctioning Military Base.  Soon as word got out of these kind people, many Taldaran Citizens fled from Jarks evil rule and the Trussians welcomed them, giving them food, medicine, and shelter.  As message of this got to the Taldaran Capitol Jark was outraged agaisnt such treason, but he could not act based on the reports he had recived. He then decieded to make "Peace" With them and so forth he sent delegates to the Trussian Special Operations Base in New Shire.  Though Jark would use this situation as a ploy while he would unleash his true plan to attack and harm the Trussian Delagates and send a message to the Trussians.  Though Jark was planning to keep fighting a useless war, many have made their opnions final within the Delegations and counsels of Taldaras Government and that was ti bring peace.  They unlike Jark released that war against a power such as Trussia would be useless.

Attempts for Peace

As Taldara sent message to the Trussians, they excepted the attempts for peace and Romulus and his troops voted to send delegates to the Taladaran Palace.  Though Romulus would not be far behind as he and his Officers would station themselves outside the Taldaran Capitols walls just in case anything were to happen. 

As the Trussian Delegates entered the city, they came to palace and within the Palace they came to Prince Charks Personal Throne Chambers.  The lead Delegate Dauntless the wise and the seven other T.I.C agents were in disgust when they entered. Before them was a room of woman, slaves, and sin.  Many statues of Jark himself, as well as self indulgence everywhere.  As they entered Jark dissmissed his delegates and ordered in more troops.  Son Dauntless and his delegates were bowed to their knees with an idiotic Jark staring down at them.  He smirked and laughed at them, saying how he will make an example of them to the Trussians.  As this happned severl hundred Imperial Taldaran Soldiers enterted with swords drawn to kill Dauntless and his delegates.  Jark smirked as he lifted his own to behead Dauntless and sent it right to the Trussian leaders themselves.  As Dauntless just looked away he smirked as soon several explosions went off in the outer blocks of the Taldaran Capitol.  As this transpired a Taldaran Military Captain told Jark that the Enemies have reached the gates of the city.

Battle of the Taldaran Capitol

Jark: That is Impossible! How could they have breached the city!

All Terrain Tactical Enforcer adopted by the Trussian 5th 416th Legion Infantry Low Altitude Assault Core. First Used in the War against the Taldarans.

Captain: Sir they are flying and falling from the skies!!! Sir they breached the south gate!!! We estimate no more then 10,000 enemies!

Jark: We have 100,000 troops, spread out and slaughter them!!!

Dauntless: (Chuckles) Jark, you Tyrant, my friends are already in the city!

Jark runs to the window an see ship up in the sky. He sees his soldiers Dying and fire raging across his Capitol city in horror.  He steps back and looks at Dauntless in anger but also in fear. He soon drops his head in defeat and descrace.

Dauntless: Very good, we shall be leaving, but do not make us come back.


Within the aftermath of the War the Taldaran Worlds eyes have been. There was a power larger them them, and even more powerful. In addition for the first time in centuries the Taldaran Empire influence declined and theiralmost left in ruins.  Soon new nations from Taldaras own Territory proclaimed independence and with the folowing decade the world would enter a modern era while the Taldaran Empire remain in its own dark age.

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