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It is unknown when he was created but it is known where he was created. At the beginning of his time he only saw chaos and war. To achieve peace he put an end to all wars and made all the empires his subjects. With each war that went on he conquered more and more territory. Soon most of the universe was under his will. He broke his empire into smaller empires, making them loyal to him. Hankerman saw that many people were living in fear by the Prince so for many years they battled each other until the Prince was finally banished. 500 centuries later he rose again only to find that his loyal subjects were defeated by another empire. Destined to take back what was once his he was confronted by the KSE. After 5 years of war the Prince was banished again by Hankerman's grandson, Paxus. And he swore that when he rises again he will bring everyone to his knees and eliminate all the galactic leaders once and for all.

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Wolf form


God form


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Prince's Temple is on the outskirts of the city. The material of the building is unknown, it's dark power is unknown and inside is unknown since all who went never came back to tell the tale.