"We as Trussians believe in God, Law, and Order. In God we have Law, and in Law we have Order, and with Order we have peace and stability. We govern with Unity and we fight as one. One Galaxy, one entity for the greater good. Through this greater good we have Trussia. Trussia is the ultimate symbol of peace and stability. Loyalty to Trussia will bring you gifts and rewards though disobedience will bring nothing but pain and suffering. The way Our Galaxy, Government, and Army is an elegant system meant to nurture, grow, and expand. In knowledge and peace, and unity and democracy. We will let nothing stand in our way. Though anything that attempts to stand in front of our progress will be slaughtered at their own expense but we only dd so in the purpose of self defense. We wish not to fight, but if we must wee will gain victory and the indefinite triumph because of our faith in God."

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