May these Colors represent what we stand for, Gold for God and that he may guide us as the ultimate Authority, BLUE, and the we shall have Law over all that we do! RED, so that we shall have Order is our new world and that we shall stand and be orderly for God and his Plan for us. The Phoenix, our symbol of Unity and that we shall rise from the ashed and be born in Gods Eye! That we may conquer sin and satan with God by our side.-Takota James, upon adopting the Trussian Flag.

Welcome to the Trussian United Union WikiaEdit

Have fun in the world of Empires, create your own worlds and expand ideas and creativity!

This WikiEdit

This Wiki is to discuss Military tactis, fanatasy worlds and to create you own world and civilazation.  You can join a current civilization or go one to create and expand your own.  Be polite, have fun, and be creative!  Create and bring you ideas to life and with Trust and Love in God have fun my friends!

Latest activityEdit

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