Hello Welcome to the Wiki, any questions just post them on my wall and have fun!

Overview Edit


Trussias Flag

Welcome, the Trussian United Union Wiki is about building you own Empires and Kindoms from small to large, all are welcome! Respect others and be kind if not then please leave! WE are all friends and allies here so look to one another with respect and fun.

In addition I WANT a Christian Atmosphere here, so please no arguments over God and Evolution. There is No Evolution, God is the soul creator of us and everything and his son Jesus is the Savior of Man Kind

Trussian Pledge Edit

As a Trussian, I pledge allegence to the flag, of the Trussian United Union, and for the Empire for which it stands!      

I will obey and trust God as the prime authority of my life and serve my nation with respect and honor.
Flag-designer appspot Trussian Military


And All those who have gone before and after me,

shall do the same,

For God

For Jesus

For our Emperor

For eternity, we will trust and obey!.

Flag-designer appspot Trussian Galactic Flag

Trussian Galactic Flag


In Trussia Obedience is key to Law and Order and through this we have peace and with peace we have faith in God.

This is what we believe and what we do!  Law is to be obeyed and the order that will follow will define us!  Do not go from this when you do only you suffer, and if you suffer then others will to. This will not be tolerated as Trussia has developed beyond this so obey the Laws and orders of the land.  In return you will be fed and taken care of as alll Trussian are equal and loved by God and is Faith.

Basic Wiki Rules Edit

1. No bullying of any kind!

2. No fighting or arguing!

3. Three strikes and you are off the Wiki permeantly, Minor infractions will be dealt with warnings or a 2 hour or day block. DO Not TEST Me or any of the staff or Admins with anything such as threats, bragging, or of that nature. If you feel that somethin is out of order then feel free to talk in a respectful manner. Thank you for you respect.

4. Do not edit others pages, vandalizing will lead to automatic block.

5. Be polite and keep language clean on pages and chat.

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