Overview Edit


Trussias Flag

War, terrible War, and misery from nothing but this "WAR!!" along with this came death and destruction, but yet in all this misery and pain stood the Flag, a Symbol of hope!!.   The Flag of Trussia, its beautiful colors symbolized freedom from the pain and oppression that has been experianced for generations. 

Trussian and its Glorious armies came and won the freedom, and from this came the peace! Glorious Peace! Hard won and Long fought for!!!  We as a people under this understanding and quest for peace will never again fight such a War!!!  We shall stat at Peace!!!  For ever and eternity, under our one true God! He is on our side and gave s this peace and wonder Symbol to reminds us us the sacrifice fought for!!! God, Law, and Order and through this we have piece!!!

Declaration of Peace after the Triussian Revolution.

History Edit

The Flag of the United Union and its Territories have stood as a monument, both loved and hated by friends and foes alike and for a long time it was also feared. Feared from the conquest, so that a nation itself will never succumb to defeat but fight the expand itself for protection. All conquered and allied territories have this flag reining over it as a testimony. A testimony that we shall not fear nor stand down but we shall fight for what is right! We shall fight and expand!

Flag Meaning Edit


Blue: Blue symbolizes the Freedom won and what Trussia fights for.

Red: For the Blood shed and those who sacrificed themselves for the Good of Trussia and that we will remember them, our fallen family!

Gold: Gods Symbol that we will worship him and that he will protect us! Whom shall I fear, the God of Angel Armies is always by my side.


Phoenix: The Phoenix is Trussian symbol of War and Peace! IT symbolizes that we will rise from the ashes and triumph any challenge that faces us! Nothing will conquer or destroy us!!!!

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